Executive Chairman
General Manager
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Head Coach
Assistant Head Coach
& Infield Coach
Fitness Coach
Outfield Coach
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Pitching Coach
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Hitting Coach
Equipment Manager


The Leicester Blue Sox Baseball Club aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic organisation that provides a high-quality experience for all its members. We pursue excellence through personal development, teamwork, and responsible behaviour on and off the field. With an adherence to the spirit of the rules as well as to their letter, we aim for true leadership, strength of character and sportsmanship. Whilst adhering to our vision, we aim to promote a winning mentality and compete against the best, both regionally and nationally.




Baseball participation helps our Members grow, learn, and enjoy themselves whilst developing their physical and personal skills. When someone has fun playing sport and feels like an important part of a team; the skills, strategies and “life lessons” learnt have value far beyond the playing field.

Our Members both welcome and value questions about our club.

Our Members are expected to make a commitment to the club and its culture.

Our Members aspire to the highest standards in all that they do.

Our Members act in a fair, consistent and transparent manner.

Our Members treat teammates, coaches, officials, and other clubs as they would want to be treated.

Our Members support and encourage their fellow teammates, coaches, officials, and the Club.

Our Members are valued for the time, effort, and money they have committed.

Our Members and the Club are open about what, how and why we operate the way we do.




The club’s primary mission is to promote the growth and development of baseball in the East Midlands by:


  • Providing equal opportunities for individuals of all abilities, ages and backgrounds in a variety of roles.

  • Teaching the fundamentals of the game and promoting good sportsmanship and respect for all participants.

  • Providing a safe and friendly environment where our players, coaches and staff can develop.

  • Building community spirit and creating an arena where neighbouring communities can enjoy a combined experience.

  • Committing to the vision, values, and longevity of the Club.

  • Entertaining our supporters by providing a comfortable environment for the enjoyment of our sport.

  • Helping our sponsors to build their brands and grow their businesses.

  • Creating a culture in which staff, coaches, players, supporters, and officials can work together to achieve our mission.


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