Blue Sox 2021 awards a big hit!

The Blue Sox Nation was out in full force at the weekend for the club's 15th Anniversary year awards night.

Players, coaches and friends of the club gathered at The Globe Bar & Kitchen in the city for a fun night of reflection and celebration.

Rik Martina was celebrated as the 2021 Dean Coley MVP, with Dan Goodman taking home the rookie of year award. Elsewhere they were Blue Sox Spirit awards to Martin Andrews and AJ Screti recognising their off the field contribution to the club and a special Chairman's award to Abi Battisto and Ally Clark, for the runaway success of the newly created Leicester Diamonds women's baseball club.

The full list of all the winners is listed below:

Brain Fart award - Matt Deacon

Best Dressed award - Rik Martina

Best Hair award - Dan Goodman

Clubman of the year awards - Martin Andrews & Derek Marshall

Manager's player of the year award - Carlos Nino

Best individual display award - Armando Da Silva

Good eye award - Scott McMillan

RBI Champion award - Armando Da Silva

Super Stealer award - Rik Martina

Iron Man award - Dan Goodman

Silver Slugger award - Rik Martina

Golden Glove award - Scott McMillan

Pitcher of the year award - Armando Da Silva

Rookie of the year award - Dan Goodman

Blue Sox Spirit awards - AJ Screti & Martin Andrews

Chairman's award - Abi Battisto & Ally Clark (Leicester Diamonds)

Dean Coley 2021 MVP award - Rik Martina

The awards were proudly presented by Club Chairman Brett Melville and joint head coach Scott McMillan. A big thank you to The Globe for hosting us!

Let's go Blue Sox & Diamonds 2022!

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